Youth Education

Monthly Parish Dinner: October Pumpkin Carving!

Youth Programming

The youth at St. John’s become part of the service early on through the acolyte position. From the time they are able to carry (and hold steady) the Gospel Book, they can become an active participant in weekly services. In addition, there are different opportunities for youth of varying ages.

Sunday Morning Offerings

Our programming for youth runs from after Labor Day through Mother’s Day in May. We generally meet every Sunday except the first Sunday of the month when the entire congregation worships in a unified service.
We currently offer the following Sunday morning offerings:

      • Ages 0 – 4 (Nursery)
        While we have a small congregation, we always have a volunteer for our youngest members. Located a short distance from the sanctuary, it can provide a nurturing environment for all or a small portion of the service time. We currently staff the nursery during the 10am or 9am (First Sunday) service. We also have opportunities for those who wish to volunteer to help.
      • Grade K – Grade 6 — (Sunday School)
        The Sunday School program is a parent/volunteer led programming under the guidance of TBD. Our focus is on lessons and stories from the biblical tradition and is designed to be self-contained to 1 session. This recognizes our schedules so that if a week is missed, the youth won’t “fall behind”. It also allows for our parents/volunteers to teach a single lesson (perhaps 3 – 5 times a year). We have found that this brings our families closer.
      • Middler School: on the last Sunday of the month, following the 10 am Eucharist, we will meet together.  For more information, please contact TBD.

Family and Youth Opportunities

  • Fellowship Dinners
    Fellowship Dinners are held monthly on the 2nd Sunday of the month
    from 5-7 PM.  Our intention is that these dinners will help foster inter-generational relationships at St. John the Baptist. We gather to share a meal, typically a potluck, and an activity that has broad appeal to all age groups. Ideas for these activities include playing board games, making cards for members who are unable to attend church, tying blankets for charitable organizations, etc.
    Your ideas for this group are encouraged!
  • Christmas Eve family service (4 p.m.)
    Our youth from the smallest through our Sr. High group will tell the traditional nativity story. From the littlest angel to the narrators, this is a wonderful tradition that keeps our youth connected.
  • Summer Camp
    We are fortunate at St. John’s to have tremendous support for our youth. As a member of the parrish, we are committed to helping our youth experience faith is wonderful ways. One of the most fun is the diocesan summer camp at Lake Lakotah. The ladies of the church have, through their efforts, sent our campers off to camp at little to no cost to the families. Our youth return with new friends, a deeper faith and a summer experience they don’t forget. Ages range from 4yr – 12th grade.

Older Youth Opportunities

Many of the opportunities for our older youth come in the form of acolyting, singing in the choir or other service responsibilities. Outside of this and family/camp opportunities we also have programming available for this age group.

  • Confirmation Class (Grade 8 – 12)
    With God’s help we try to prepare young people to live in the world while walking as a child of God. We group our youth to hold a confirmation class every few years. This provides that more formal instruction they will need as they become adults in the church.
  • Diocesan Youth Activities
    New Beginnings (Diocese of Fond du Lac – gr 6 – 8) Happening (Diocese of Fond du Lac – gr 9 – 12) Episcopal Youth Event (EYE – gr 9 – 12)
    Youth Mission Trip (gr 8 – 12)
  • Teach Sunday School/Nursery Attendant
  • Post High School Scholarship (SCHOLARSHIP)