Weekly Meditation

Mid-Week Message, July 11, 2018

Last month your Vestry began the process of putting together a Search Committee to find us a new rector. At that time, I related to you the necessary qualifications and the need for a cross section of the parish to be represented. With that in mind, Vestry members recommended people, and we placed their names on a grid so we could see if there were holes in the demographics. Mother Meredyth advised us as we did this. We have made our asks and have a committee that will be given itsmandate at the next Vestry meeting on Tuesday, July 17. The Search Committee will then meet with Mother Meredyth for an orientation and begin their work.

I wish to thank those of you who volunteered for this important ministry. Not all of you were chosen – not because you were unworthy, but because we were trying to get that representative cross section of people who had the commitment to St. John’s, faith in our future together and the time needed to successfully do the job.

Your prayers and support of this ministry are vital to its success. The first task will be to do a parish profile. The aim is to have this completed by November. Marketing of the rector position  will begin in December. If all goes well, interviews and visits will occur in February and March. This is followed by recommendations to the Vestry which will issue a call with the consent of the bishop. God willing, we will have a new rector around Easter or Pentecost. The Search Committee will provide regular updates to the parish on its progress. But know that much of their work will be confidential.

Our deepest thanks to: Patti Schaal and Tom Gallant from the Vestry, Jim Bliss, Greg Lamansky, Marsha Meurette, Shelley Miller, Laura Ramsey, Margy Stahr and Jacob Veldhuizen.

Vickie Richmond Hawkins

Senior Warden