Weekly Meditation

July 10, 2019

Dear Parish Family,

Given the vast quantity of email most of us receive each day, I have decided to combine the “Midweek Meditation” and the “Sunday E-Voice” into one e-newsletter.  The new e-newsletter will be distributed on Thursday of each week.  You will continue to be well informed about the current events of our parish and receive the weekly schedule of Sunday Service Leaders.  In addition to these standards, I will include the daily reflection from Forward Day by Day and a link to The Daily Office by the Mission of St. Claire.  Both organizations offer the church useful resources to help us deepen our personal and corporate prayer life and to grow in the “knowledge and love of God” (BCP p. 339).

In addition to the daily reflection, we will provide you with a link to Forward Day by Day’s website.  If you have the time, please consider perusing their website for helpful resources to use in your personal prayer life. 

The Daily Office, as offered through the Mission of St. Claire, is a historic spiritual discipline and is the corporate prayer of The Episcopal Church.  The website combines the appointed canticles, prayers, music, and scripture readings for the day in a convenient format.  This tool provides the reader with a rich opportunity to live into the salvation narrative through the observance of the church’s calendar, to deepen our relationship with God and unite our prayers with others in the worldwide Anglican Communion. 

Forward Day by Day and The Daily Office from the Mission of St. Claire can be accessed online or through a convenient app for your smart phone.  Starting in the new program year, I will direct a class about Anglican Spirituality and how we can incorporate these resources (and others) into our spiritual rule of life.  I pray you will familiarize yourselves with these helpful resources.

In Christ,