Weekly Meditation

November 14, 2018

Dear friends,

I write to you with a grateful and a thankful heart. On November 2nd, I found myself in O’Hare Airport boarding a flight to Turkey to handle a family emergency. A week before that, my mother had been taken to a hospital, and her memory was compromised. The power of attorney was activated, but l had to be there personally to make some serious decision per our family lawyer. My mother’s Parkinsons had advanced and l rushed to the hospital as soon as l landed in Turkey. Her memory returned to normal in few days, but we were extremely scared for what we might have to do, if it did not.  She is now being treated at a private American Hospital and l am at the point where we can take her home after dealing with her other medical issues. The paperwork is about to be finished enabling me to make legal decisions going forward through the phone. I expect to arrive in the United States this weekend and expect to return to you the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

The wardens have been incredibly supportive and your prayers for my family during this incredibly anxious and difficult time have been a blessing to me. I covet your continued prayers for a safe travel back home, and l look forward to spending the holidays with you! I have truly missed our dear parishioners and fruitful worship and fellowship. I continue to be….

Your servant in the Lord,

Mother Ezgi.