Weekly Meditation

Mid-week message for January 9, 2019

Recently I picked some books at an estate sale in my neighborhood. Besides getting some gardening books, I picked up several spiritual books published by Aid Association for Lutherans. On the cover AAL stated in understood the importance of faith in everyday life and wanted to support and strengthen that faith with these publications. Currently I am reading a book of meditations on the Gospels entitled For Suh a Time as This.

Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me. – John 14: 1

In this passage, Jesus in preparing the disciples for his passion and death. To quote from the AAL meditation, “Don’t leap to any false conclusions about me and my concern for you. I cared enough to join the human race when I could have just continued in my majesty forever. I suffered for the human race, suffered more than you will ever suffer. I did my Father’s will and finished my Father’s work. I carried out his plan for your salvation as your Representative before his bar of justice. …. The important thing to concentrate on here is that he is strong and loving. We quickly find out how weak our faith is. But our God is strong. It is not that we are so good at trusting, but that he is trustworthy.”

In our prayer of transition, we ask God our Creator to open our hearts to the Holy Spirit and help us to discern God’s call. We are all important to this process, but we need to support and sustain oursearch committee in doing the work we have delegated to them.

Yours in Christ,

Vickie Richmond Hawkins

Senior Warden